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Kodak Portra 160 120 Roll Film 5 Pack

Professional colour print film Portra 160 120 format (5 rolls) is an ISO160 daylight balanced professional colour negative film with medium contrast and low saturation, optimised to give exceptionally accurate skin tones. It also has a very fine T-grain structure with excellent edge sharpness which makes it well suited for scanning. These characteristics make it popular for portrait, social and wedding photography, as well as more general uses.
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  • Daylight-balanced colour negative film.
  • ISO 160/23° nominal speed in C-41 process.
  • Very fine grain, VISION film technology.
  • Medium colour saturation; low contrast.
  • Accurate colour and neutral skin tones.
  • High sharpness and fine edge detail.
  • T-Grain emulsion makes it ideal for scanning.