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  • Novoflex EOS-RETRO Reverse Adaptor For C
  • Novoflex EOS-RETRO Reverse Adaptor For C

Novoflex EOS-RETRO Reverse Adapter for Canon EOS

The EOS-RETRO is a unique adapter for macro photography which allows a Canon EOS mount lens to be reversed on a Canon EOS body, and still retain full lens functions including AF and TTL metering. Reversing a lens on a camera body creates a high quality and high magnification macro lens. For example, a 28-105mm lens reversed will give a range of magnifications from 1:7 at the 105mm end to 2.8:1 at the 28mm end, which is much more flexible than a typical macro lens. And, because a lens is computed to work best at infinity, reversing it means that it gives superb quality at high magnifications.
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  • Can also be used with a bellows for even higher magnifications (requires RETRO/PRO and PRO/RETRO adapters).
  • Does not require use of specialised macro or bellows lenses.
  • Lens front end of the EOS-RETRO has a 58mm thread which can be converted to different lens sizes by means of optional stepping rings.