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Green Clean LCD/Plasma Screen Cleaner
Product code:  GC6000
Save £10 on last price Effective in removing fingerprints etc from all types of monitors and hand-held ...
£6.00 inc VAT

In stock
Hama Electrical Contact Cleaner
Product code:  HA5629
Cleans battery terminals by removing oxidation using a retractable bundle of glass fibres 2.5cm in length.
£7.50 inc VAT

In stock
Hama Micro Clean Cloth
Product code:  HA5908
15.5cm square microfibre cloth for use with lenses or other equipment.
£4.25 inc VAT

In stock
Hama Silica Gel - 3 Pack
Product code:  HA5900
50mm sachets, as supplied in your camera box, to help keep moisture at bag. Not refreshable. Pack of 3.
£3.95 inc VAT

In stock
Ilford Antistaticum Cloth
Product code:  ILSTAT
32cm square cloth which eliminates static on negatives, slides, lenses etc.
£7.40 inc VAT

In stock
Screwdriver Set
Product code:  KDSS
Includes four slotted screwdrivers (1, 1.4, 2, 2.4mm), and two cross-head screwdrivers (3, 3.5mm).
£5.95 inc VAT

In stock
Silica Gel Large 25g 2 Pack
Product code:  KDJSG
About 2.5x the size of standard gel sachets as supplied in camera boxes and the Hama pack. Not refreshable. Pack of 2.
£2.50 inc VAT

In stock
Speed Graphic Hitecloth 29x32cm
Product code:  KUCLOTHS
Very soft microfibre cleaning cloth which absorbs grease and moisture particles. Keeps its quality when washed.
£4.95 inc VAT

In stock
Visible Dust Dust Snapper Mat
Product code:  VDDS
A silicon mat which attracts dust away from the camera body when sensor cleaning, and also absorbs accidental knocks.
£31.95 inc VAT

In stock
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