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  • Gitzo GT4553S Systematic Tripod
  • Gitzo GT4553S Systematic Tripod
  • Gitzo GT4553S Systematic Tripod
  • Gitzo GT4553S Systematic Tripod
  • Gitzo GT4553S Systematic Tripod
  • Gitzo GT4553S Systematic Tripod

Gitzo GT4553S Systematic Tripod

The GT4553S Systematic has 5-section legs to give a very compact folded size but still with a standard working height, and 25kg maximum loading! The Systematic design allows the user to switch to centre column or video bowl in place of the supplied flat platform. The large diameter of this makes it popular for users of gimbal or similar large tripod heads. Latest Systematic tripods feature stiffer and lighter Carbon eXact tubes, ultra-stable cup feet (with standard rubber feet also included), EasyLink 3/8” socket to attach Manfrotto and other compatible arms and accessories.
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  • The GT4553S is effectively the 3 Series Systematic Traveller tripod (the slightly larger top tube diameter means it becomes a Series 4 in Gitzo parlance). If you need a folded length under 50cm, plus standard working height, and 25kg loading - it's unique!
  • The distinctive triangular top casting gives better stability and helps distribute the load. The top plate can be removed in a few seconds to be replaced with a 75mm video half bowl, or centre column, levelling base, or Gitzo’s low-profile levelling Systematic head with Arca-pattern quick release.
  • An EasyLink attachment point greatly enhances the versatility of the tripod, enabling Manfrotto articulated arms, or any other make of accessory with a 3/8” connection screw to be added.
  • G-Lock Ultra leg locks feature an internal O-ring to resist water or dust and improved grip.
  • Three position leg angles allow very low level working. Version 3 Systematic selectors have a built-in spring to make them faster in use.
  • Series 4 tripods have large and more rigid leg tubes, but as they share the same top casting as Series 3 models, are easier to store and carry than Series 5.
  • Leg tube diameters: 37.0, 32.9, 29.0, 25.3, 21.7mm
  • Supplied in a recycleable textile drawstring anti dust bag.
  • No of sections:  5
  • Maximum height:  136cm
  • Lowest working height:  9cm
  • Length closed:  48cm
  • Weight:  2.23kg
  • Maximum load:  25kg
  • Head connection:  3/8"
  • Top platform diameter:  70mm