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Gitzo GT3542L Mountaineer Tripod

The GT3542L has the same basic features as the GT3542 but with extra length tubing to give a maximum height of over 6ft once a head has been attached.
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  • Scaled for heavier equipment such as DSLRs with 300/400mm lenses, and medium format equipment.
  • The latest Mountaineers feature a redesigned top casting which shaves weight without compromising rigidity.
  • The Upper Disc now stays attached to the Ground Level Set locking collar. Turning this releases the centre column and the Disc can then be replaced in the casting for ground level operation.
  • Large leg angle selectors click automatically into place, and are easy to grip allowing three different angles to be set.
  • Carbon eXact tubing, developed fom Gitzo’s famed 6X type, uses different size filaments depending on the diameter of the tube. The result of this is that tube diameters can be made larger for the given section to improve stiffness: for example the thinnest section on the GT1542 model is now 22.5% larger than its predecessor. GT3542L tube diameters: 32.9, 29, 25.3, 21.7mm.
  • The centre column has an anti-rotation groove with a spring-loaded hook at the bottom from which to hang a stabilising weight. This can be removed to allow the column to be inverted for macro or ground-level shooting.
  • Removeable feet to allow replacement when damaged or the addition of spikes.
  • Supplied in a recyclable textile drawstring anti dust bag.
  • No of sections:  4
  • Maximum height:  175cm
  • Lowest working height:  16cm
  • Length closed:  59cm
  • Weight:  1.95kg
  • Maximum load:  21kg
  • Head connection:  3/8" reversible to 1/4"
  • Top platform diameter:  60mm