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B+W 100x100mm MRC Nano Neutral Density ND0.9

A 100mm square ND0.9 3 stop glass neutral density filter suitable for Lee, Cokin Z-Pro, Hitech and other 100mm system holders with 2mm slots. The dimensionally stable optical glass is enhanced with multi-layer coatings which virtually eliminate reflections, and a final layer with dirt and water-repellent properties is applied. The filter is supplied in a tin box.
Code: BW100ND09
4-7 Days
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  • Reduces light by 3 stops with no colour shift.
  • Special glass and multilayer coating with moisture and dirt-repellent coating.
  • Glass is more resistant to scratching than optical resin and doesn’t warp or distort.
  • Standard 2mm thickness suits all 100mm holders.
  • Metal storage box.