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  • Custom Brackets Folding-TA
  • Custom Brackets Folding-TA
  • Custom Brackets Folding-TA

Custom Brackets CB Folding-TA

The CB Folding-TA is the same design as the Folding-T, taking pro size bodies, but with an Arca-plate compatible quick release camera mount. The bracket keeps the flash well above the camera, to push shadows down behind the subject. When holding the camera vertically, the arm pivots to place the flash in exactly the same position. As the reflector is still oriented correctly with the field of view of the lens, there is no light fall-off. A camera with attached Arca-type plate (not supplied) can be quickly attached to the bracket.
4-7 Days
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  • To attach the bracket to a tripod-mounted Arca clamp, the optional accessory plate CK-500 screws on the base. Otherwise, a standard 1/4" socket is provided.
  • Top arm has a sping-loaded tension to allow it to be easily moved from horizontal to vertical without the need for separate locks.
  • Maintenance-free – no lubrication required.
  • Bracket can be reversed to allow a left or right handed grip.
  • Custom Brackets are precision-engineered in the USA from black anodised aluminium.
  • An additional LH handle can be fitted to allow a two-handed grip of the bracket.
  • Height 25.4cm. Weight 380g.
  • Includes Arca-Swiss type clamp, screw for flash or flash cord, flash anti-twist, 1/4" tripod socket.