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  • Eckla EcklaBoard
  • Eckla EcklaBoard
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  • Eckla EcklaBoard
  • Eckla EcklaBoard

Eckla EcklaBoard

To special order: 2-3 weeks The EcklaBoard creates a solid platform for a long telephoto lens and turns your vehicle into a convenient hide for photographing wildlife. It can be used in right or left-hand drive vehicles by simply inverting it and resiting the end clamps. Holes allow most kinds of tripod head to be attached, or you can rest a bean bag on it. There's also space for a laptop alongside. The clamp can be adjusted to suit most headrests, and has slots to enable it to be levelled. At the other end, two rotating rests support it on the dashboard.
4-7 Days
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  • Supports a gimbal head, DSLR and 600mm lens. Head position can be varied with the multiple holes.
  • Clamp adjusts to most types of vehicle headrest, and can be levelled with the incorporated slots.
  • Room for a tethered laptop alongside to allow instant checking of picture quality.
  • Can be adjusted for right-hand or left-hand drive cars be inverting and repositioning the hardware.
  • Developed with and tested by German wildlife photographer Dieter Porsch.
  • The EcklaBoard should be dismounted when the vehicle is in transit.
  • Weight 4.2kg.
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