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  • Ilford MGIV RC Warmtone Glossy
  • Ilford Multigrade IV RC Warmtone Glossy

Ilford Multigrade IV RC Warmtone Glossy

MG IV RC is a premium quality variable contrast black and white printing paper on a medium weight 190gsm resin coated base, producing a warm black image on a warm white base, and with a Glossy (1K) surface. MG IV RC Warmtone is designed for use with all enlargers, and most common safelights for black and white papers.
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  • Rapid processing is possible, with development times typically between 1-2 minutes, with the image appearing in around 10 secs, fixing in 30secs and a washing time in fresh running water of 2 minutes.
  • For direct lighting, do not expose the paper to safelight for more than 4 minutes, with the distance between the paper and the safelight at least 1.2m (4ft).