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  • Ilford Harman Selenium Toner 1 litre
  • Harman Selenium Toner 1 litre

Ilford Harman Selenium Toner 1 litre

A liquid concentrate selenium print toner, designed for easy dish or tray toning of resin coated or fibre base black and white photographic papers. Selenium toning creates an archivally permanent print with a richer, warmer tone. The solution should be used in a dish at room temperature and has a long working life.
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  • Working strength is made by diluting 1+3 with water, and is used at room temperature 20°C.
  • Prior to toning, the print should be properly fixed and fully washed.
  • Prints are then placed in a holding tray with the temperature aprox 4°C higher than the toner. While in the toning solution, observe the result from time to time rather than continuously, as this makes it easier to assess the subtle changes which will occur.
  • When satisfied, agitate in a second tray of water for 30-40 secs to stop toner action. The process can always be repeated if more density if required.
  • Finally wash the print thoroughly for 20 minutes in fresh running water, and dry.