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Tetenal Paper Chemistry Starter Pack

Save £6.50 on usual price A money-saving kit of chemicals for darkroom developing of all types of fibre base or resin coated photographic papers. Includes paper developer, stop bath and fixer.
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  • Pack includes:
  • Developer Eukobrom 250ml, use diluted with 4 parts to 9 parts of water depending of whether you want speed or economy. Produces neutral to cold-black images.
  • Stop Bath Indicet 1 litre. Dilutes 1 + 19 parts water, and immediately stops the action of the developer and avoids contaminating the fixer. When exhausted the solution will change colour.
  • Fixer Superfix Plus 250ml. A high performance rapid fixer which can be used diluted between 1+4 and 1+9 parts water.