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  • Fotospeed Salt Printing Kit
  • Fotospeed Salt Printing Kit

Fotospeed Salt Printing Kit

Salt printing is the method developed by William Henry Fox Talbot from 1839 using UV or sunlight to expose silver nitrate coated paper. This kit enables you to recreate this historic process.
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  • Salt prints are created by soaking acid free art paper in a salt solution for a few minutes, which is then coated with an activated silver solution.
  • Once dried, a contact negative is secured in place and atmospheric UV (which even on a cloudy day is quite suitable) is used for exposure.
  • Development is in water and 'fixation' is by a choice of 3 stabilisers (supplied) each of which will produce a slightly different image tone.
  • The Kit contains:
    5 sheets 8x10" Canaletto paper
    5 sheets 8x10" digital contact film
    2ml syringe 250ml solution each of Salt, Silver and Stabilisers 1, 2 and 3
    Protective gloves
    Buckle brush and full detailed instructions for use
    (Note: a 'buckle brush' is a glass test tube filled with cotton wool - a Fox Talbot invention included for historical accuracy!)
  • NB ammonia is required to activate the silver solution and is not supplied. This is available from most chemists.
  • All the materials and equipment contained in the kit are available separately.