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Metz - Flash & Studio Lighting

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Metz 15 MS-1 Digital Macro Flash
Product code:  MZ15MS1
The Metz 15 MS-1 macro flash is designed to work with built-in or wireless commanders, as a slave to the ...
£279.00 More info
4-7 Days
Metz 15-50 Sync Cable
Product code:  MZ1550
PC sync cable for Metz 15 MS-1 ringflash.
£13.95 More info
4-7 Days
Metz 26AF-2
Product code:  MZ26AF
The 26AF-2 is a sleek pocketable flash ideal for use with compact digital cameras with an impressive guid...
£99.95 More info
Metz 36AF-5
Product code:  MZ36AF5
The Metz 36AF-5 is compact and lightweight entry-level bounce head flash with an easy-to-use LED control ...
£79.95 More info
Metz 44AF-2
Product code:  MZ44AF
The Metz 44AF-2 is the perfect all-in-one solution for photographers who shoot still images and videos as...
£159.00 More info
Metz 45-39 Spare Battery Holder
Product code:  MZ4539
Battery holder for 45 series guns taking 6 x AA alkaline batteries (NiCad or NiMH are not recommended).
£25.95 More info
In Stock
Metz 45-56 NiMH Pack
Product code:  MZ4556
9v NiMH power pack for 45CL1/4 Digital and previous 45CL series flash. Must be charged with the correct N...
£89.95 More info
In Stock
Metz 50-90 Mecabounce
Product code:  MZ5090
Softens the light output to de-emphasize shadows and improve skin tone rendition. For 50MZ and 70MZ series guns.
£5.00 More info
In Stock
Metz 52AF-1
Product code:  MZ52AF
The 52AF-1 is a high power flashgun with a motorised zoom head covering 24mm to 105mm focal lengths, with...
£209.95 More info
Metz 60-38 Dryfit Battery
Product code:  MZ6038
Replacement Dryfit lead cell battery for Metz 60 series guns.
£66.95 More info
4-7 Days
Metz 64AF-1
Product code:  MZ64AF1
The Metz 64AF-1 matches or exceeds the performance of the leading camera system flashguns and features in...
£309.00 More info
Metz 76-56 NiMH Pack
Product code:  MZ7656
NiMH power pack for use with the Metz 76MZ5. Can also be used with 70MZ4/5 guns.
£113.95 More info
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