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Fotospeed - B&W Chemistry

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Fotospeed FD10 Film Developer
Product code:  FSFD10
FD10 ia a one-shot liquid developer suitable for all types of black and white films, producing high edge ...
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Fotospeed FX30 Odourless Fixer
Product code:  FSFX30
Fotospeed FX30 is a fixer suitable for all B&W films and papers. It's odourless, which makes for a pleasa...
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Fotospeed LE30 Liquid Emulsion 250ml
Product code:  FSLE30
LE30 is a liquid black and white grade 2.5 photographic paper emulsion which when heated in a water bath ...
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Fotospeed PD5 Print Developer
Product code:  FSPD5
PD5 is a black and white paper developer suitable for either fibre-based or resin-coated papers, and can ...
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Fotospeed RA50 Rinse Aid 500ml
Product code:  FSRA50
RA50 is a highly concentrated film wetting agent which greatly reduces surface tension to promote streak-...
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Fotospeed SB50 Odourless Stop Bath 1 l
Product code:  FSSB50
SB50 is an odourless stop bath, which makes for a more pleasant darkroom environment. It has an indicator...
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Fotospeed ST20 Odourless Sepia Toner
Product code:  FSST20
Variable odourless toner gives classic shades of sepia from pale yellow to deep brown.
Precise mixing...
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